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March 5, 2015 Notes

Southern California Linux Expo

Southern California Linux Expo YouTube videos

SCALE - Linux Action Show from the floor

Shuttle SH67H3 running FreeNAS

FreeNAS presentation at SCALE by Dru Lavigne


FreeNAS YouTube Videos

FreeNAS User Guide 9.3

FreeNAS Community

Tails presentation at SCALE by Kyle Rankin

Tails above the Rest: the Installation

Aquaris E4.5 Ubuntu phone

HP ships one Linux server every minute

The Real Story about Server Market Share

Intel Broadwell (microarchitecture)

Intel Skylake (microarchitecture)

Internet of Things

February 5, 2015 Notes

Lenovo ThinkServer TS440 Server
(A Home Server running Windows 8.1)
This home server can also be configured to run Linux, FreeBSD, etc.

It is simple, cheap and effective...

January 8, 2015 Notes

Intel Compute Stick