How It All Began

On January 1, 2013, two Shell Beach friends, Alan Raul and Cary Geihs, decided to take a dip at Avila Beach at noon to celebrate the new year. The following year they invited friends to join them. The rest is history...

Luckily the "oceans gods" have been very kind to the plungers in the following years, unlike the first year. This is a picture of Cary ducking under one of the waves on January 1, 2013.

Cary ducking under a wave in 2013


Wednesday, January 1, 2020 at 12:00 PM (noon)

Photos and videos from past years...

The 8th annual Avila Beach Polar Bear Plunge is a celebration of fitness, nature, a New Year, camaraderie and still having dessert. Dessert can be a cup of coffee or something to eat at one of the local Avila Beach establishments after the plunge. If you are brave, even some cold ice cream can be had locally in Avila Beach!!!

Meet on the East side of the Avila Beach pier at 11:30 AM for pictures and encouragement from fellow plungers.

Spectators and photographers can gather on the pier for the best vantage point of the plungers.

This is an Avila Beach event and NOT a Cayucos event.



Polar Bear T-Shirts are available in advance or at the event for $20.00.
Contact Mary Matakovich or (805) 595-2526
All proceeds of this t-shirt fundraiser go to the Friends of 40Prado, helping the homeless of San Luis County since 1997.


NO dogs allowed on the beach - NO exceptions
NO smoking allowed on the beach
This event is not sponsored by anyone
No certificates will be given out
No fee to enter this event
No alcohol allowed
NO swimming around the pier
Absolutely NO DIVING/JUMPING allowed from the pier
Plunge attire is swimsuit and/or athletic gear (shorts, t-shirts, etc.) Costumes are always welcomed
Sorry, no birthday suits allowed
Wetsuits are strictly prohibited unless you are providing safety for the event or you just can't handle the cold

You assume personal risk when participating in this event


For more information or to send pictures after the event, contact:

Alan J. Raul