2017 Southern California Linux Expo (SCaLE) Report

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The job board at SCaLE.

What is SCaLE?

SCALE is the largest community-run open-source and free software conference in North America.

SCaLE videos on YouTube
All the sessions are archived on YouTube.

SCaLE 15x Report by Ralph Sutter

I attended SCaLE again this year as I have done for the previous three.  SCaLE 15x was even larger and more ambitious than in years past.  It offered 14 separate tracks spread over 4 days.  I opted for the Ubucon track, which focused on developments in Ubuntu.  The organizers made some last minute changes to the schedule so the printed lineup of talks didnít match the digital one.  Nevertheless, the events ran smoothly with presenters well prepared and tech support readily available to troubleshoot problems with networking, sound and video.

For me, the highlights included Carl Richell of System 76 announcing the release of his 96 core server and Michael Hall following Canonicalís support of Ubuntu and other Linux flavors year-by-year from 2000-2017.

Sergio Schvezovís talk describing Snapcraft, his tool for building snap plugins, went well beyond my level of understanding but left me with the optimistic notion that unmet dependencies might soon be a thing of the past.

Brian Lundukeís Linux Sucks, which poked fun at the platformís struggles with video displays, sound cards and assorted failures offered the perfect dose of humility for the high-flying aspirations of his fellow presenters.

I wandered through the Exhibit Hall, speaking with some vendors/reps that I remembered from previous conventions.  I also talked for quite a while with volunteers working on the Internet in a Box project.  They patiently explained to me their device for delivering a library of knowledge to the classroom via computers but without access to the Internet.

Thatís my food for thought report.  What follows is the more pedestrian food for the stomach rundown.

On the two days of Ubucon, the organizers offered free coffee, fruit and muffins.  On Thursday evening, all attendees were welcome to appetizers and an open bar with beer and wine at the Porto Alegre Brazilian BBQ Restaurant.  True to form, Alan and I discovered complimentary box lunches on Friday. 

The most spectacular food event took place Friday night at Castle Green.  Your SCaLE registration entitled you to beef, chicken or vegetarian tacos and an open bar.  Fortunately, Alan, my wife Connie and I arrived early for the event.  Those who didnít waited in a line that numbered perhaps 1,000 and wrapped around the block.  

Throughout the conference, I saw developers, programmers, entrepreneurs and visionaries talking enthusiastically about their projects.  Those who came to showcase their talents for prospective employers had ample opportunity to do so.  My reason for attending SCaLE was more modest.  I just wanted to glimpse what awaits the end Ubuntu user in the near future.  Iíll be back next year.

Ralph Sutter

SCaLE 15x Report by Alan Raul

Some additional information not included from Ralph's excellent report.

Castle Green - Pasadena's premier special events venue

Michael Hall, Ubuntu Community Manager, gave an excellent talk on the history of Mark Shuttleworth, Canonical and Ubuntu. It begins at about 15 minutes into the video.

"Linux Sucks... For the Last Time" - 2017

"Talking About Linux Sucking" - Lunduke Hour - Mar 8, 2017

Linux Action Show - Live from SCaLE 15x
From the floor of 2017ís Southern California Linux Expo aka SCaLE 15x, we give you interviews & our impressions of the event.

System76 Galogo Pro ultra portable 13″ HiDPI display, thin, light, aluminum, backlit keyboard.

We visited an official Intelligentsia Coffee shop in Old Town Pasadena as we had last year.